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Packaged With Love

Written by Akinda Johnson


Posted on February 23 2021

Sustainability is important to us here at Court’s General Store, that’s why we’re always looking for new ways to become a more sustainably conscious company. One of our favorite ways that we are implementing eco-friendly practices is through our packaging and shipping process. 

We LOVE packaging your orders! When you place an order at Court’s General Store it goes directly to Court and her team in Boulder, CO. We look over each order before we package it up and ship it to you. 

Sustainable Packaging

Each order is packaged with eco-friendly packaging including green wrap (to replace bubble wrap,) recycled mailers, and 100% hemp twine. Once your package is boxed up, we use a water-activated tape (the first tape to be recyclable.) After you open your goods from Court’s General Store, you can recycle all of your packaging materials. We love a 100% recyclable package! 

Sustainable Packaging

For us, this is just the beginning...We look forward to learning and growing into an even more sustainably conscious company. Thank you for supporting our mission to promote, protect, and preserve our environment! 

Sustainable Packaging



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