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10 Signs You Might Be A Granola Girl

Written by Erin Reginato


Posted on January 25 2023

We have many people come to our page and say "I've never known how to describe my style but now I realize I'm a granola girl"!

Are you a granola girl? There are MANY qualities that make up the beloved granola girl. We wanted to list some fun traits that may help you answer the question!

Court sitting at her campsite eating pancakes giving a thumbs up

1. You own more than one of the following pairs of shoes; Teva's, Blundstone's, BANGS, Chaco's, and or Birkenstock's, .

Court holding up her sunrise mountain top bangs

2. You always have your "just in case" granola bar. 

3. Corduroy is a staple in your closet. You have corduroy button downs in several colors and your fav cord overalls. 

Flatlay of corduroy, jeans, boots and beanie.

4. You have a whole cupboard dedicated to your Nalgene's and Hydroflasks'.

5. You consider being inside a tent indoors.

Court in the Shop Pullover standing if front of a tent

6. Your collection of fleeces is continuously growing (there is always room for more).

7. You have a list of each National Park you have visited.

8. Your dream car is a VW Van, Jeep, or Subaru.

Court standing on her white jeep in front of a a-frame cabin

9. Your water bottle and laptop are decked out in stickers.

10. You have a journal listing your  adventures and experiences you've had over the year. 

Court holding the trail journal with snow on the ground

If you check off more than half off this list, you just may be a granola girl! 

Want to become a granola girl but don't know where to start? Here is our list of Court's General Store goods that are the PERFECT granola girl aesthetic. 

 The Shop PulloverShop Water BottleThe Trail JournalThe Signature Corduroy - Golden HourThe Signature Beanie

Hope your 2023 is full of adventure!

-Court's General Store Team




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