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Adventure Babe Rachel J.

Written by Erin Reginato


Posted on April 14 2022

This month we are featuring our first adventure babe living on the road. 

Meet Adventure Babe Rachel! She’ll be sharing her time in Baja California, Mexico where her and her partner have been living in their rooftop tent with the beach as their front porch. 

What are your TOP FIVE things to do in the area?

1. Surf on the Pacific side 

2. Paddle Board and snorkel in the Sea of Cortez. Some of my favorite spots are Punta Finale, Bahia de Los Angelos, and Bahia Conception.

Rachel in snorkel gear

3.  Visit and eat lunch at the little river town San Ignacio

4. Indulge in fish and shrimp tacos, ceviche, and quesadillas. Immerse yourself in the culture!

5. Chase the sun and be okay with doing absolutely nothing. 

Rachel on the beach with her 2 dogs

Rachel's Travel Tips:

Baja is a magical place full of cactus forests, turquoise water, and vibrant culture. It’s a place that changes you for the better. We are constantly making new memories and experiencing new adventures out here. A few tips we’ve learned thus far…

  • Bring enough cash as many places and people here only take cash (including gas).
  • If you want to make some new friends, just bring guac and beer!
  • Know you want to stay/camp somewhere for sure, before you pay… lesson learned the hard way.
  • Bring plenty of lotion! After a while, you start to match the desert landscape.
  • Be prepared to go with flow :)

Rayco Design:

We love to feature other women in small business! Rachel's illustration and design business is Rayco Design. She creates for brands and people with similar outdoor passions.

"I absolutely love what I do, and love that my work inspires others to get out and explore the beautiful world around us!"

Rachel Rayco Design

Rachel's Store Faves:

 Signture Corduroy CourtneyParks CandleErin Jacket CourtneyFrench Press

What is on your list of places to visit this year? We hope this series continues to inspire you to explore, travel and experience the world around you more than ever! Rachel has definitely made us want to hop in our car and see where it takes us.

We would LOVE to feature you as an adventure babe in 2022! Whether you are at home or exploring, make sure to tag us at @courtsgeneralstore for a chance to be featured in our next blog post + on social.

Happy adventuring!

-Court's General Store Team 



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