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Adventure Babe Emma B.

Written by Erin Reginato


Posted on October 14 2021

Every month we feature a Court’s General Store’s “Adventure Babe” to inspire you to explore, travel and experience the world around you. 

Meet Adventure Babe Emma! She’ll be taking us along her stay in Guernsey State Park, WY


What are your TOP FIVE things to do in at Guernsey State Park?

1. Camp in the State Park

2. Boat around Guernsey Reservoir, through the canyon, down to the North Platte River.

3. Paddle Board through the Guernsey Canyon.

4. Hike to view the scenic area of the reservoir and historic area.

5. Sightsee and take lots of film, polaroids, and pictures!

Emma's Travel Tip:

My favorite travel tip is to go somewhere new with someone you love! Adventure is all about taking in beautiful moments with the people who mean the most to you. Every season has something new that I enjoy: skiing, hiking, climbing, fishing, and camping. Court's General Store inspires me to never stop exploring this beautiful world and I love to bring my Shop Pullover along on my adventures! 


Emma's Store Faves:


We LOVE seeing you in our apparel! Whether you are at home or exploring, make sure to tag us at @courtsgeneralstore for a chance to be featured in our next blog post + on social. 

Happy adventuring!

-Court's General Store Team



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