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Adventure Babe Casey C.

Written by Akinda Johnson


Posted on May 06 2021

We are kicking off this summer with an exciting series of travel stories from Court’s General Store’s “Adventure Babes.” In this series, we will be sharing travel tips written by YOU. We hope these stories will inspire your next adventure!

Our very first Adventure Babe is Casey! She’ll be taking us on a tour of Zion National Park.

Casey in Zion

Reason for Visiting Zion: 

I traveled here with just me and my best friend. Even though it was just us girls, we felt very safe traveling alone. 

What are your TOP FIVE things to do in Zion?

1. Angels Landing 

2. Scouts Lookout 

3. Ride bikes down the Zion Canyon Scenic Route

Ride bikes down the Zion Canyon Scenic Route

4. The Narrows 

5. Picnic at Pioneer Park 

Casey’s Travel Tip: 

The area is family-friendly and pretty populated the majority of the day, so start your day early to avoid the big crowds ;). Everyone we met was super helpful and made our trip that much more enjoyable!

Casey in Signature Corduroy - Golden Hour

Casey’s Store Faves:

   Basic Cropped Tee Canyon Water Bottle Shop Tee Signature Corduroy - Golden Hour 

We LOVE seeing your adventures in our apparel. Make sure to tag us at @courtsgeneralstore for a chance to be featured in our next blog post + on social. 

Happy adventuring!



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