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Camp Teapot

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$48.00 USD

This teapot is a camp cooking essential! I use mine to make my favorite coffee every morning when I’m in the mountains. It's the perfect addition to my camp kitchen! - Court

  • 9.3" l x 5.5" w x 9.3" h
  • enamel stainless steel
  • walnut handle
  • copper patina accents
  • hand wash

Customer Reviews

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Justin Fague
This Teapot is Amazing!

Honestly, I love this teapot. I've followed Courtney on Instagram far before she ever had a storefront, and this seemed to be one of the best ways to support her! This little thing is great - I used to boil water for morning coffee and tea, late-night hot chocolate, and the all-essential oatmeal in a small pot, but this makes serving those morning drinks so much easier. I can't wait to use it more, especially since I was SO STOKED to use it the first time, I forgot all about taking photos!!